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Freaking Out Through History

Featuring Matthew Luckett

Episode 9
Released: 12/07/2020

Funnel Necked Beaker People

Featuring Elliot Helmer

Episode 8
Released: 11/02/2020

Bonus Episode- Spooky Scholar Stories

Featuring Bonus Episode

Bonus Episode!
Released: 10/27/2020

Trust Science More

Featuring Morgan DiCarlo

Episode 7
Released: 9/15/2020

On Being A Good Mentor

Featuring Sierra Van Ryck deGroot

Episode 6
Released: 8/18/2020

Shark Week

Featuring Jasmin Graham

Bonus Episode!
Released: 8/09/2020

Navigating the Seas of Scholarship

Featuring Jamie Goodall

Episode 5
Released: 8/04/2020

Its Okay to Ruin Straight Cinema

Featuring Tara Holmes

Episode 4
Released: 7/21/2020

A Bee in the Hoop Skirt

Featuring Brenna McCormick Thompson

Episode 3
Released: 7/07/2020

If We Arent Friends On Goodreads, We Should Be

Featuring Rebecca Brenner Graham

Episode 2
Released: 6/23/2020

Every Day is a Field Trip

Featuring Kristina Hayek

Episode 1
Released: 6/09/2020

Announcing Scholars Beyond the Tower

Featuring Erin and Caroline

Episode 0
Released: 5/05/2020

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